Who We Are

Saint John’s Episcopal Church Parish
Who We Are — June 2023.

 We are a warm and welcoming congregation, worshiping in a beautiful
colonial church building, located at the top of a vortex called
Meetinghouse Hill in Guilford, on ancestral lands of the Menunkatuck
tribe of the Quinnipiac People.

 It has been said by visitors that when they enter the church, they feel a
palpable presence of the Holy Spirit.

 We are a congregation that seeks to deepen our relationship with the
triune God, explore and activate our relationship with creation, and build
upon and strengthen our caring of and fellowship with each other, with
neighboring congregations, and with the larger community.

 We enjoy each other’s company, and welcome others to bring fresh
insights and ideas into our ministries, as we look to our future. We plan
well together and have managed through adversities with grace,
sometimes with disagreement, but always with open conversation,
goodwill, respect and consensus agreement with no residual conflict.

 As a Parish, we are open and affirming of LGBTQIA+ people and we
strive to honor the diversity of all God’s children. Following Jesus, we
seek to expand our knowledge and awareness of issues of social justice
and racial equity within systems that advantage some and disadvantage
others. We are supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement.

 With an older demographic, stable finances, and solid stewardship, we
care deeply about and hope to build upon the legacy of 275 years of St.
John’s Parish within the Guilford Community.