St John’s. . . Taize
                    Episcopal Church

129 Ledge Hill Rd.  Guilford, CT 06437   203-457-1094

"Ah Taize, that little springtime."
    So said Pope John Paul when he visited the Taize Community in 1986.
Named for a small town in France. In 1940 when World War II started, a man called Brother Roger felt led to assist people in difficult straits.  He purchased a place of refuge in the village of Taize, France to be an international, ecumenical community devoted to, among other things, great simplicity of life.  Brother Roger believed in prayer and said, "Prayer is a serene force at work within human beings, stirring them up, transforming them, never allowing them to close their eyes in the face of evil, or wars, or all that threatens the weak of this world." 

Taize Service

    The Taize form of prayer that evolved consists of music made up of simple melodies repeated several times by the congregation to allow it to become a prayer of the heart.  The evening consists of prayer, live instrumental music and scriptural readings as well as extended periods of silence.  The silence allows a special opportunity to unburden us and allow God to speak in the silence of our hearts. It is a deeply reverent and moving service.
   All ages are invited to experience the peaceful Taize service on the fifth Sunday evening in such a month. This is not a traditional worship service but rather a time for reflection, quiet and meditation. We expect it will last about an hour. We hope you will join us.